Listening to The Whispers of The Heart

Connection is equals to Love. 😉


Words confused me. Words were my enemy.

Words limited me.

Words don’t love me.

But I will do my best to understand and manipulate words.

My mind is greater than what I speak.

Emotions confused me. Emotions were my weakness.

Emotions misled me.

Emotions don’t love me.

But I will do my best to understand and manipulate emotions.

My senses are better than what I feel.

Beliefs confused me. Beliefs distorted me.

Beliefs imprisoned me.

Beliefs don’t love me.

But I will do my best to understand and be absolutely free from beliefs.

My instincts are always right, unlike beliefs.

Logic. Reason. Ego. World. Perception. Creation. Biases. Negative. Positive. Neutral. Zero… and so on.

This world is full of wrappers, that’s why the pure was hidden. However, if these wrappers are removed, welcome back to the hidden paradise.

The one who is manipulated by things, is not living at all.

The One who created things never wanted His people to become inferior from those things.

The One wanted His people to be higher than those things.

Once, there’s someone who’s imprisoned by objects, it would be hard for him or her to break free.

But there’s always a key to every locked door.

If you fear to be rejected because you were already destroyed, forgive yourself.

Forgiveness doesn’t talk about forgetting a certain mistake. Forgiveness talks about being free.

When a forgiveness is given, a door is opened.

Sin, the one which forgiveness destroys.

Sin doesn’t talk about mistakes. Sin talks about a certain perception.

Sin is a perception, a way of looking at the world, and a way of interpreting things.

Sin is a bias, a cover, a wrapper, a barrier, a limit, an indention, a boundary, a chamber, a jail, a prison, a lock, a coffin, a blurred eyeglasses, a knife, a cutter, something that cuts somebody’s connection from Everyone or The One, something that destroys.

Forgiveness is the key that opens the lock from sin, to the paradise.

Paradise is not talking about a place, it’s not something that can just be seen.

Paradise is a perception, a way of looking at the world, and a way of interpreting things.

Paradise is the freedom, the truth, the real, the connection, the oneness, it is something where both liberty and unity exist, something where The Pure can be found.

The Pure, is the One who was above all things, for all things came from Him.

He cannot be labeled by any thing, can never be define by a gender, nor a any description or adjective.

Words are not enough to describe The Pure, because words are just a creation of The Pure.

While you were reading these things, these may not make sense to your current mental understanding.

However, repeat reading this with deeper understanding, because what these things want to say is something more than just the words that was used.

This is a message from the inner perception which wants to haunt you.

It may break your head but it is because it wants to break you free. It will also heal you through forgiveness. And, it will open your heart so that you will not be isolated from Everyone or The One anymore.

You are not an object that can just be defined.

You are not a pet.

You are not just a certain perspective… not an interpretation or interpretations.

You are You.

You belong to The One.

In Him, there is the freedom that you want, that you need, that you thirst for.

You should be, and you are actually, CONNECTED…