What’s to be Serious About?

Is there anything on this world that we can be serious for?


Mostly, people are so annoyed of “serious persons.”

According to them, these serious ones destroy humor,

That they don’t know how to enjoy life,

That they are full of craps,

That they are so KJ, and so on.

However, there’s something that they don’t know about serious ones.

What makes them so serious?

Actually, there is no person on this world who is serious; I mean, serious people don’t exist.

Don’t mistake a stressed person who is always angry as serious, he or she is not serious at all. But his or her mind is may be in a serious trouble.

Another one, don’t mistake shy people who don’t know how to play or enjoy as serious, they are absolutely not.

Why are there people whom are considered serious?

First reason, these people who are considered serious don’t like doing stupid or nonsense things, that’s why people thought they don’t have humor. But actually, the most serious people have the funniest, most ironic jokes. These people value things that are meaningful. They always look for the sense of everything. What’s distinct about them is that, they don’t regret any event of their lives.

Secondly, they are critical thinkers. They are matured minded and they know how to calm down when facing a problem. People don’t understand why they seem to be not affected when there’s a huge trouble. But deep inside of them, they are analyzing things trying to come up with the right hypothesis. They can bring great and effective solutions to any problem they are exposed to, that’s their superpower.

Third reason, some serious ones also came from spiritually oriented people who were considered by the society as “Boring ones.” Their spirituality made them innocent from trends and common styles. Their spirituality also made them uninterested to “noises” which a lot of people enjoy. But actually, the spiritually oriented people are also the most understanding and well-composed ones. Being spiritual also magically makes people “Matured.”

Fourth, there are also quite people who loves being alone. People think that they are loners, who are asocial, that’s why they were added to the group of serious ones. But for them, they are just enjoying their own adventures inside their minds. They like being alone and getting drowned by their own imagination. They usually create their own world, and in here, they find peace and freedom. They also conceptualize a lot of things inside their mind, which makes them potential inventors. They are also creative-minded, and has limitless ideas on how to do things in a different way. What’s also good about them is that, they are extremely open minded.

Fifth, what’s also considered as serious are the people with complicated minds. What’s with them? And why do they exist? Actually, they are not complicated, they are just complex thinkers. They don’t understand simple explanations, they always look for deeper reasons. They always ask “Why?” and “How?” Okay, I know they are really annoying, but mind you, their ability to go beyond what the eye can perceive is extremely powerful. They mostly ask a lot of questions which people think as nonsense, but for them, it’s not nonsense, it’s very important. They are natural-born researchers who like to understand the things around them. They want to understand not only the things that they can see, but also what’s invisible. Do you know what’s amazing about them? They can carry inside their brain a lot of concepts and ideas. They can become great philosophers.

Sixth, I know this is one of the most obvious reasons why some people are considered serious, it is their maturity. Regardless of age, you can find a number of matured people around the globe. You will realize their notable and common characteristics. They usually have good jokes but not necessarily, and they are extremely resilient. They are mentally healthy, but not all the time. They have a well-created self-concept, but it doesn’t mean they are acceptable to everyone. They also give good advices because they are highly empathic. They are also not judgmental people, but sometimes, their advance logic makes them appear to be judgmental for others. How? Well, they speak things with accuracy and confidence. Also, their interpersonal skills are, amazing. They are highly emotionally intelligent. Most of all, they enjoy their freedom.

Seventh, kind ones are also considered serious. Why? They always speak about “care”. For example, you are bullying a vulnerable person, then suddenly a girl steps in and say, “Stop that. You should care for the people around you.” Of course, you will respond, “You don’t care” if you would. Kind people are highly sensitive and they always empathize with the people around them. Very often, people mistake them as weak, and they are also targeted as victims of bullying. But, they are highly understanding and resilient. It’s like throwing a large stone at them, and still, they will give you a sweet candy. They also extremely hate gossips. What’s amazing about them is that, they have the ability to change the world by bringing out their peace.

Eighth, people who care for their beloved Earth are also considered as serious. Why? They always think from the perspective of nature and humanity as a whole. They care for their environment, and they care for the people around them. Actually, they are also the kind ones. They like to make sense, and they aspire to bring something good for this world before they die. Other people don’t understand them, that’s why, they sometimes feel unloved and unimportant. But, they have an infinite care which makes them thirst of helping. They like to inspire people to be also like them.

People who are considered serious shouldn’t be misjudged.

They need to be valued, and they also need support.

They need support not because they are weak, but they need support because they have great ideas on how to make this world a better place.

Criticisms on them usually happens around their adolescents and childhood.

There are children who were born “matured” and are perceived mistakingly as “serious.”

They carry that label until their teenage years.

Apparently, when they reach their adulthood, things become better for them because they can be their real selves already.

Of course, I know that nothing’s definite with all that I have said because all of that only came from my perception. I don’t even have related literature.

I am not a master of intelligence and smartness.

However, what made me wrote this is because I want to introduce a new understanding of what’s happening on the world.

In the end, labels are just words. Nothing can limit anyone in being their real selves.

I believe that we are all limitless and that, we all have the capability to do something good and great.

That’s because, we are free.